Collegiate Church
of St. Paul the Apostle


Realm Giving

Diocesan Site


Clergy and Staff


The Episcopate

The Right Rev’d Frank S. Logue, Bishop of Georgia

The Most Rev’d Michael B. Curry D.D., Primate, Episcopal Church, USA

The Most Rev’d & Rt Hon Justin Welby D.D., Archbishop of Canterbury

Honorary Assistant Clergy

Canon J. Robert Carter PhD

Fr. George B. Salley, Jr.

Fr. John Palmer

The Rev. John G. Anderson, Lutheran Pastor in Residence


The Very Rev’d Dr. William Willoughby III, OStJ Rector & Dean of Savannah

The Rev’d Leonel Polanco, Latino Missioner

The Rev’d Lauren Flowers Byrd, Parochial Vicar

The Rev’d Susan E. Gahagan, ECSB, Deacon

The Rev’d Victor Moreno, Asst Latino Missioner

Robert McDowell Fogle III, Music Director & Administrator

Joe Daniels, Sexton


The Vestry

Simona Perry, Senior Warden, ’23

Mark Frissell, Junior Warden, ’24

Lorna Smith, Clerk, ’25

Alan Bolton. ’25, Ana Carter, ’25                           

 Judy Naylor-Johnson, ’23, Erick Nowicki, ’23

Adriana Ramirez, ’23, 

Kris Lee, ’24,Charles McMillian , ’24

Laura Walker, ’24

Gary Shelby, Treasurer


To Proclaim the Gospel of Christ Jesus in our part of the Vineyard


To pursue God’s desire to bring the whole of creation into unity with God


  • To attempt the Worship of God in the Beauty of Holiness
  • To Seek and Serve Christ Jesus in all people, loving our neighbor as ourselves
  • To preserver in resisting evil and acknowledge our sins so that dignity might prevail.