About Us

St Paul FinalSt. Paul’s was established as the City Mission: an outreach of Christ Church and St. John’s, Savannah in 1852. Founded on the principles of the Oxford Movement which was gaining traction in both England and the United States during this period. St. Paul’s like many other Anglo-Catholic parishes seeks to express the Catholic tradition of Anglicanism in its worship and in its attempts to live the Christian life, with faithfulness and authenticity.

The parish was founded as a “free church” (meaning there were no rented pews, a rarity in the 19th century) and continues to value the openness and inclusivity that this implies. Our parishioners come from a wide range of religious, political, social, and economic backgrounds. A quick survey of a pew on Sunday might find worshipers from varied religious backgrounds and our coffee hour finds engaged citizens from both the left and the right mingling and making common cause for Savannah, Georgia and places beyond. All are united as one body in Christ and join together in the worship and mission of the Church to proclaim the Gospel, serve the lost and let out and practice good stewardship our gifts for the building of God’s Kingdom. We hope you will join us in this commitment.