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Solemn High Mass

Solemn High Mass: Offered at 10 a.m. on Sundays and occasional Holy Days.  This is the fullest service, celebrated with ornate ritual, chant, incense, hymns, full homily, and a choral Mass setting. It normally lasts 75–90 minutes. Solemn High Mass is many things – it is beautiful, intentional, ancient, timely, formal, approachable, humble, and inclusive. Our liturgical language is taken from the Book of Common Prayer, the common source for worship for the entire Episcopal Church. Our actions are highly ceremonial; they engage the whole body and help us to orient ourselves rightly in the presence of the living God. In our worship, all of our senses are invited to participate as we bow and genuflect, gaze up to the striking beauty of our House of Worship, smell the incense wafting to heaven, taste the bread and the wine on our tongues in the Blessed Sacrament, and hear the sounds of our common prayer and the exquisite music which helps to lift our hearts in prayer. Solemn celebration of Mass is truly incarnational, employing our souls, our selves and our bodies to the greater glory of God. There are occasionally Solemn High Masses on weeknights throughout the year.