Collegiate Church
of St. Paul the Apostle

Ministries and Outreach

Table of Contents

The Parish Choir

The Parish Choir’s main responsibility is to support the congregation, through music, in its worship of God at mass. The choir does this by leading hymns and Psalms as well as special music like the Introit and anthems. The Parish choir also performs Choral Evensong, concerts, and ordination masses from time to time. We invite you to come help us “seek through music to perfect the praises offered by God’s people on earth”! Contact Mac Fogle or call the parish office at 912-232-0274.

The Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is made up of special women and men who give of their time and talents, and who serve God by preparing His Altar. The work of the Altar Guild includes care of the altar vessels and linens, dusting, polishing brass and silver, arranging flowers, sewing on buttons, washing and ironing linens as well as setting up for Mass and other liturgical events including weddings and funerals. Those who share in this service are rewarded in the knowledge that they are serving God by tending the place where He is worshiped. If you would like to be part of the Altar Guild, please call the parish office at 912-232-0274.

The Flower Guild

The flowers placed on the various altars in our church are arranged by members of the Flower Guild. The floral materials are purchased through donations given in memorial or in thanksgiving by parishioners. Teams of two or more are assigned to a weekend once every four to six weeks and are responsible for selecting the flowers and preparing the required arrangements for the week. If you would like to be part of the Flower Guild, please call the parish office at 912-232-0274.

Ushers and Welcome

A group of dedicated volunteers who serve during assigned Masses on a quarterly schedule. Duties include: greeting all attendees and assisting them with seating as needed; personally making welcome all visitors and ensuring they are provided with Mass Books, Calendar of Services, descriptions of our parochial and social activities, and obtaining contact information for follow-up. Additionally, we organize the collection and presentation of the Gifts at the Sunday Solemn and Evening Masses and ensure the safety of attendees and the security of their personal property. Contact Alan Boulton or call 912-925-4609 to volunteer.


The Acolytes at St. Paul’s are a group of dedicated people of all ages, from elementary school children to adults. As acolytes, we find joy in serving God by assisting the priests and deacons as they celebrate the Mass and perform other rights of the Church. Service at the Altar is a good way to learn the names of the items used during the Mass and helps children learn to participate in and follow the service. Each Sunday at the 10 am Mass we would like to have at least six acolytes to do the functions which need to be done during the Mass, but more are always welcome, and we make every effort never to turn away a child who wants to serve. Training is usually done on the job, and over time everyone is trained to do all of the tasks. Sometimes for the major celebrations, a practice is held the Saturday before. Anyone who is interested in serving as an acolyte should contact Craig Hopkins after mass or call 912-354-3368.

Our Lady of Walsingham Chapter of the Daughters of the King

The Daughters of the King (DOK) was founded by Margaret J. Franklin on April 4, 1885, at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher now the Church of Resurrection, in New York City. The Order of the Daughters of the King is an international religious order for Episcopal Women. We pledge ourselves to a lifelong program of prayer, service, and personal evangelism. Our purpose is to bring others into a living, loving relationship with Jesus, our Lord and Savior, and to help strengthen the spiritual life of our parishes and missions. A Daughter must be a communicant in the Episcopal Church and be willing to participate in the preparation period, and vow to accept the Rule of Life. The DOK is not a social organization, and we do not raise funds. We pay yearly dues to the National and make voluntary contributions to the various funds of the Order. We meet every month on Saturday Mornings, which includes prayer and study.

Fall Fair

Our largest fundraiser of the year, the Fall Fair, supports local, domestic, and international works of charity. Some of the organizations which have received funding from the Fall Fair include: St. John’s Eye Hospital, Jerusalem; the Anglican Centre in Rome; the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti; the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic; The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East; the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem; the work of the Sisters of St. Margaret in Haiti; the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana; Episcopal Relief and Development; House of the Redeemer; Georgia Camp and Conference Center at Honey Creek; Hope House for Young Mothers; St. Mary’s Home; Greenbrier Center for Children and Inner City Night Shelter.

The Gallery of Art and the Sacred at St. Paul’s

Established in thanksgiving for the extraordinary ministry of Louise H. Shipps, Artist, Iconographer, and Witness. The Gallery is a space to feature artists of all types who explore the intersection of Art and the Holy.

Thomas Park Food Pantry

Our food pantry has been in operation for nearly twenty years and has grown from being a small ministry run by St. Paul’s Episcopal Church to a much larger enterprise assisted by several other churches. The first year of its operation, the pantry provided a total of 150 bags to those needing assistance. Today the pantry distributes nearly 300 eight- to ten-pound food bags on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. The food is purchased primarily from America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia. We also receive donations of bread from the Panera Bread Co. as well as other occasional institutional gifts and various canned goods our parishioners donate. The work of packing and distributing the bags is done by volunteers from St. Paul’s. The pantry operates from its own building on the grounds of St. Paul’s. The recipients of our efforts are largely elderly and mostly from the inter-city. Our bags are intended as a supplement to those trying to make ends meet from month to month. At the present time, it costs us about $1,000 to distribute 600 bags a month. We are always looking for volunteers to help us pack bags as well as to distribute them. Bags are packed at the pantry at noon on the second and forth Sundays before distribution. The actual distribution hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. We also appreciate any contributions toward the work of this important ministry. If you want to volunteer or have any questions, please call the Church Office at 912-232-0274.

Backpack Buddies

The Backpack Buddies program was created to supply children who are dependent on the “Free and Reduced” lunch program provided by their school during the week and have very little to eat over the weekend and holidays. Research shows that hungry children have poorer mental and physical health, suffer with more behavioral disorders, and are less prepared to learn when they are in school. Hunger is an increasing and known problem among school-aged children in Savannah and Chatham County. We have served children from Charles Ellis and Coastal Academy when school has been in person. In total, we prepare weekend meals for 64 children each week. Our volunteers deliver to Charles Ellis each Thursday, and a volunteer from Coastal Academy picks up their backpacks each week. Most of the food comes from Second Harvest Food Bank. What cannot be purchased there is purchased from Sam’s Wholesale. That is usually individual cups of fruit and peanut butter crackers. It takes a team to accomplish this important ministry to schoolchildren. We are always in need of monetary donations to support our efforts.

Columba House & Refugee Resettlement

In collaboration with Inspiritus, St. Paul’s Columba House has served as temporary housing for large Afghani families fleeing the humanitarian crisis that resulted from the rapid withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in August 2021. With the lack of affordable housing for large families in the Savannah area, this is an important service to refugees fleeing to safety and re-establishing their lives. We work in collaboration with Inspiritus to provide safe housing while their social workers assist the families in finding jobs, education, and permanent housing.